CJ’s Corner Blog in Review

CJ's Corner Blog 2012 Review

At the end of every year I review my blog traffic and learn what my readers read and determine my focus for the next year. This analysis is tricky because I have several different types of readers.

Out of the numerous categories of people that read my blog, the two largest groups of readers are filmmakers and youth pastors. One group desires to learn how to influence our culture through film and the other group wants to learn how film is influencing our culture. The next three biggest categories of readers include consumers, screenwriters and actors.

This year saw consumers and pastors reading numerous posts that included interviews, reviews, and culturally relevant articles. Since I wrote more of these types of posts in 2011, many of them dominated this year’s top ten list. In fact, the 2011 post titled “Right Brain vs. Left Brain” received about 7,000 views in 2012. This leads me to consider splitting my blog: One for consumers and pastors; and, One for filmmakers, screenwriters and actors. Or, I might assign certain days of the week for each type of reader.

The top ten posts written in 2012:

  1. Interview with Francine Locke Starring in “Cry for Justice”
  2. Directors Stage Shots and Block Actors with Triangles
  3. How to Determine Scene Length
  4. Seven Steps to Determine if a Script is Worth Shooting
  5. Dynamic Composition
  6. Movies Told in 8 Sequences
  7. Taking Back Our Culture
  8. Protecting Your Core Strength with Workflow
  9. Finding the Action for Actors
  10. Outstanding Performance by Gary Oldman – Review

The top ten 2011 posts read in 2012:

  1. Right Brain vs. Left Brain
  2. Top 100 Grossing Movies Objectifying Women
  3. Game Time: Tackling the Past – Review
  4. Why are Men Superficial?
  5. The Christmas Lodge – Review
  6. Focus on the Problem, Not the Person
  7. Set Pieces are the Latest Movie Tool
  8. Shaky Camera Technique
  9. Provocative Freedom of Speech to Help Abused Women
  10. Faith and Family Films vs. R-Rated Films

In past years, my international screenwriting consulting drove numerous posts and readers from 138 countries. In 2012 I did less screenwriting posts dropping my audience to 101 countries, while greatly increasing the number of overall readers per post. Here are the top ten countries that read my blog in 2012:

  1. United States
  2. Canada
  3. United Kingdom
  4. India
  5. Australia
  6. Philippines
  7. Singapore
  8. France
  9. Indonesia
  10. Brazil

It wasn’t a surprise to learn that most of my blog traffic came through Google, Facebook and Twitter, since I use that social media myself. However, I was a bit more surprised by the greater number of consumers and youth pastors now reading my blog compared to people in the film industry.

I will plan on making some adjustments to compensate for the growing audience and hope you are patient during my reconstruction phase. In the meantime, I hope you take time to read some of the top ten posts you may have missed.


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