Provocative Freedom of Speech to Help Abused Women

I was raised with a passion to defend freedom of speech. Everyone is born with the God-given right to express their purposes and passions, but our society is pressuring people to speak in a way that is “acceptable to all.” While this sounds good on the surface, it gives fuel to those in power who want certain topics to be taboo and others to be raised up as important.

The techniques employed by media experts guide individuals onto a bandwagon where few think for themselves. Most look to the new societal norms being pushed for direction on what is “right”, tolerable and expected. The days of voicing ones own opinion in a strong manner are slowly slipping away, except for the higher ratings achieved by controversy.

This new pressure cooker only gives room for the politically correct or the extremist that is used to prove the foolishness of those who are not politically correct. The media has raised an entire generation that makes decisions based on consensus rather than based on what is right and good for the majority. In fact, many politically correct issues are now only good for a few.

Recently in Toronto a police constable was sharing various things women could do to help protect themselves from possible rape. In his list of comments, he mentioned an obvious one of not “dressing like a slut.” The mere suggestion that some provocatively dressed victims may have visually stimulated the perpetrator gave rise to great offense. In retaliation for this man’s politically incorrect blunder, 3,000 women dressed as “slutty as possible” attended a public event in Toronto to make a statement.

Not only was this man harassed for having suggested that dress might have something to do with an attacker’s perceptions, but the results led to numerous women marching in major cities across America dressed in their most provocative outfits. Slutwalk Chicago announced their walk for June 4th, led by strong women who want to…

“…Enforce the truth that those who experience sexual assault are never at fault– no exceptions. We seek to combat a culture that teaches “don’t get raped,” as opposed to “don’t rape.”

The liberal women at the helm of several of these marches feel that a victim is a victim is a victim and their choice of clothing is immaterial and politically incorrect to mention.

I’ve had the privilege of working with numerous women recovering from abuse over the past seven years and find the goal of these marches a little disjointed. Every victim I’ve helped was extremely thankful for tips that would protect them in the future. None were concerned about political correctness, but only safety and the necessary skills to teach their children how to protect themselves in an age of human trafficking.

I find those in recovery to be more wise than those taking advantage of the political limelight, as they are doing what they can to recover without being presumptuous that a perpetrator will change his ways after watching women parade down Michigan avenue dressed in provocative clothing or that society will change their mentality that visual stimulus is not a factor in rape.

However, I must say that I’m thankful freedom of speech still exists and Slutwalk Chicago is made up of woman who desire to combat:

“…The culture of victim blaming that prevails the world over.”

I’m in full agreement that victims should never be blamed. However, I’m also for instructing women on behaviors that can further protect them from men who hold to distorted thinking or disrespectful acts toward women.

I’d prefer that the thousands of participating women would instead consider giving their valuable hours to a shelter where they can help victims first hand, rather than parading down Michigan Avenue this summer.

But again, I did point out earlier that PC issues and controversy gets the attention of the media, not helping those recovering from some act of victimization. I do wonder though, what would happen if churches across America partnered with those marching? Together they could raise funds to purchase safe housing and medical supplies for the abused.

Can you picture the Ten O’clock News:

“Just in, the First Community Church raised one million dollars for housing and medical treatments for victims of rape by partnering with women marching down Michigan Avenue in such provocative clothing that children were quickly ushered inside.”

Nah, it would never happen. But, I do hope by June 4th, every church in the Chicagoland area is doing something practicle, albeit in a less provacative way, to help abused women.

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