CJ PowersI’ve been called Mr. Creativity by many who know my eclectic, entertaining personality. After spending a few minutes with me, you’ll realize that I’m a storyteller who came by it naturally.

Every night when dad came home for dinner, he’d tell stories of the day’s adventures. When we hopped in the car for vacations, which we took twice a year, we’d entertain each other with stories made up on the spot.

Today, the businesses that succeed are the ones that have an effective story. You probably wouldn’t be surprised to hear that, through keynote speaking and workshops, I help corporate employees learn how to share stories in an effective way. I also help filmmakers tell their visual stories—a language that is understood globally.

As an author, I take time to share my stories through my books and this blog. I’ve given you some links below to sample my posts and I hope you join the people from 144 countries that are subscribers of this site.

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