CJ PowersI’m a life story coach who helps insightful people develop memorable stories, so they can share their knowledge, wisdom and heart with others.

This can be in the form of what sales people call an elevator pitch or it might be more suited toward creating a legacy book for kids and grandkids. And for some, it’ll help them make a point in conversation, while sharing life stories in a more memorable way.

I’m also passionate about film and television, so you’ll see several articles about my favorite storytelling media. It’s in my blood and no matter how often I help others with communicating their stories; I always come back to my medium of telling stories on screen.

This internal battle between helping others and participating in the film arts has drawn several types of people from 144 countries and gave rise to the following types of blog entries (click on the below to read sample entries):

• Life Stories
• Leadership Articles
• Filmmaking/Production Tips
• Behind the Scenes
• Creativity
• Media & Society
• Interviews
• Reviews

Simply put, this blog is about Creatively Exploring the Stories of Life.