CJ Powers

I was born and raised in the Chicagoland area by a school teacher and a cop. My parents thought it was important for my education to see the country, so we traveled twice a year throughout the United States. After college, I expanded my knowledge by traveling to 26 countries. This impacted my perspective and turned my blog into an international venue for people from 144 countries to visit.

My storytelling abilities were nurtured by my dad, who as a hobbyist, shot 16mm documentaries and family films. Familiarity with the camera prepared me for my first gig as a cinematographer on a CBS documentary at age 18. I climbed the industry ladder and directed the nightly news for an ABC affiliate station by age 25. However, my love for story overshadowed technology and changed my focus to writing and directing. I worked at a publishing house for four years and then launched a film studio.

Episode_1_Cover_Comp_v2My writing has crossed numerous categories of books, short stories, articles, blog posts and screenplays. Most of which takes advantage of my global observations and adventurous life. My latest publication— Steele Blue: The Forgotten Crime is about Diaz, a notorious dealer that’s expanding his cherry meth distribution in Chicago, who desires undercover Detective Steele as his life partner. Fighting to keep her cover intact with plans to bring down the drug kingpin, Cassie spends extra time with Diaz, blurring the lines between justice and her growing love for him.

Realizing her precarious situation, Cassie sees to her son’s safety and works hard to regain her memory from the night of the opera house fire—the night Diaz lost his first love. Feeling slighted, Diaz hunts down everyone involved in the death of his “Carmen.”

Racing against the clock, Cassie tries to find balance between her motherly duties, her infiltration as the kingpin’s girl, and her role as the officer tasked to close the case. Cassie is forced to face her fears in discovering the missing piece of her memory that will bring Diaz down. But will it alter her future?

Notes_from_the_Napki_Cover_for_KindleI wrote Notes from the Napkin: A Director’s Cut on Filmmaking for up and coming filmmakers. This book took advantage of my experience in television and film. (300 television shows and seven films). Each chapter is filled with complex information delivered in a simple and easy to understand format aimed at first time filmmakers. The content is fresh and made up of the notes I wrote on napkins when I had the chance to talk with great directors including Christopher Nolan, Ron Howard and Ken Burns. While each meeting was five minutes or less, I always took advantage of the moment by getting their opinion on the art of film.

BloomBloom-Covered Thorns is a book of short stories that I wrote during the most difficult time in my life. I was in need of inspiration and found myself writing stories that would adjust my attitude toward the positive. Each story is entertaining and has a unique twist in perspective, giving room for thought and life application. Most of the stories are based on true events, which makes each message all the more powerful.

VictimNo Longer A Victim is a practical “How To” book for people coming out of a life crisis. I wrote it soon after going through a devastating divorce. The reason was simple: Most of my friends couldn’t stand me because I was stuck in the role of a victim and wasn’t moving on. Once I found the secret to entering into a new chapter of life, I wrote the book to share it with others.

I have written a couple other books that are no longer in print.The last two titles listed on this page were actually the first two books I wrote — Short and simple. I have numerous other books on my list for future release, but in the meantime I hope you avail yourself of a book from this page.