Taking Back Our Culture

When I was a little boy, I was taught to stand when the flag came by during a parade. It was a sign of respect for those who gave their lives in order for me to have the freedom to develop my voice – This blog and my films. Freedom of speech and religion were God given rights that our country embraced during my childhood years.

The idea of helping people in need was also ingrained into my daily life as a child, not by words alone, but by the demonstration of my family. My parents were both civil servants who were highly respected in our community and I learned how to give back, by watching them.

God and Country was very important to me and the generation before me spent their blood, sweat and tears making sure that I had the freedoms to worship God and serve my country. Unfortunately, the media rewrote that childhood and led many in recent years to silence their freedoms of speech and religion.

Today, there are few of the youngest generation that have an independent voice, rather than a communal one. Their decisions aren’t based on what is right, but instead on what sort of works for the squeakiest of community members. Instead of helping people to get into line with what is right, they give allowances to others, even when the effects hurt the community.

I’m tired of watching our culture of defending what is right give way to what is stylish at the time. I’m exhausted by individuals who can no longer share what is on their hearts, but instead share only what is politically correct to share. I want our country to be authentic and strive once again to be great with innovation, compassion and excellence.

I have decided to step forward and take a stance. I am committing to create art and entertainment for the media that will reposition our culture to what is right, and once again give voice to each individual. I will develop stories that bring the focus back to God and country, giving new life to our precious freedoms. And, I shall endeavor to be innovative, compassionate and excellent in the process.

Please take time to comment below or email me if you are willing to stand with me in this pledge. To be successful, I’ll need prayer warriors, fans, and investors to make it possible. Together we can make a difference. Together we can take back our culture.

May God Bless America.

Copyright © 2012 by CJ Powers

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