Stage Acting vs. Film Acting

In the video, I describe the main difference an actor experiences when acting on a stage versus acting in film. The approximate content is also in text below the video.

I think the biggest difference between stage acting and film is the level of physicality or movement the actor can use. On stage, their entire body is seen and every movement must demonstrate the character and what he is fighting for.

Film is a bit different. The strong performer knows when to let the camera do the work. It’s a requirement in film, especially with close ups, that the actor remains very still. Instead of demonstrating the character with great movement, the actor must reflect the character’s thoughts.

I’ve been told numerous times that I think too much, which is true. The only reason people are able to say that to me is because they can see it, they can actually tell when I’m thinking. In the same way, the actor must have some level of thought happening during his performance for the camera to pick up on.

We can see it in the characters eyes. We know if the actor is being true to the character or not. And that visual cue not only attracts us to that character, but it also gives the audience an understanding and a perspective that enhances the story.

Some actors simply regurgitate their lines with no substance behind the moment, which results in a bad performance. Acting in film is all about bringing your thoughts to life.

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