2016At the beginning of every year I like to set a direction for the New Year. My first step in the process is reviewing the previous year. So let’s get started.

Reflecting back on 2015, my 7th year of blogging, I found that the most read posts were not from the current year, but the year I wrote my book – Notes from the Napkin: A Director’s Cut on Filmmaking. That’s not to say my current writings didn’t get a lot of readership, it did. But, the top five most read posts were all written two years ago.

According to the analytics I received, this is the third year in a row that my writing had “staying power.” In other words, what I write would do well in a book that can stand the test of time to some extent. The information or stories are not timely flashes of ideas, but shared thoughts that endure.

There are about 31,000 of you, my dear readers, from 142 countries. You enjoyed all the categories of posts I wrote, but the top two categories were posts on filmmaking and my life experiences. You also passed my posts on to an additional 472,000 unique readers through social media, ezines and republished articles.

These numbers would be hard to grasp if it wasn’t for the encouraging emails I’ve received from so many of you. The personal contact makes all the difference and helps me know who I’m writing to.

Now for 2016…

I’ll take a week or so to figure out what I’ll be writing about this year, but I think it’ll be something I can roll into a book – Just like I did two years ago. And, since the majority of my readers prefer a topic on filmmaking, I’m sure it will have something to do with experiential hands on steps in making a film.

If you have any thoughts on what you’d like me to write about, please make a comment below.

Have a great 2016!

One thought on “HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  1. Song: Yes You are the Lord Most High (sing along with me)…Yees yessss,we are marching unto the glorious cities and nations to conquer territories for His Kingdom, good bye failure,lack, poverty, distractions and laziness in Jesus name. Amen.

    We also thank you all for your wonderful prayers, commitments, love and supports during the course of the year 2015. Thank you. Now we welcome you into our year of Perfection of Beauty PS.50:2. The Lord has promised His goodwill unto us. The best is yet to come expect the best in this new year. “Out of Zion,the perfection of beauty,God shall shines forth” I and my team are breaking forth into new grounds this year. We are taking kingdoms and territories in winning, strengthening souls as the Lord enables us. We shall be more dedicated to our Lord’s mandate and mission for our lives. Please, my beloveth, make sure you are obedient and faithful to His instructions in this new year. We welcome you into a new year and new season. You shall be called with new name in this year 2016. We receive more grace. Happy New Year!!!

    Paul-Esupofo ‘N’ Grace Oriade with The Sword of Excellence Dunamis Ministry Int’l,Inc Team.

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