The Snow Perspective

The Wonders of Fresh Fallen SnowThis weekend will be the first Chicago snow and some shudder at the thought. Not because 6-8 inches makes life difficult in the windy city, it doesn’t, the problem is that the crazies decide they can drive like normal. They forget to alter their perspective to match the circumstances.

I’ll never forget my winter travels in San Antonio, Texas in 2006. I was the only one zipping down the highway to the office. I wondered if I had missed the rapture or if aliens had vaporized the city before my arrival. But neither were the case. The city shut down due to the “snow storm,” which by Chicago standards was a light dusting.

The contrast in perspective amazed me. Snow carries different value for skiers than the elderly. Some people choose to see the snow as a deterrent. They hunker down for a long cold winter and hardly move – Dropping their blood flow, which makes them feel even colder. But that isn’t enough tradition for them, as they must warn their family about the severity of winter that demands respect and great care.

I see snow in a positive light. Thanksgiving is always more special when snow is on the ground. It sets the perfect atmosphere for outdoor fun and indoor coziness. Most years I kick off Thanksgiving Day with a flag football game. Depending on travels, I pop in for a church service with a message on gratitude. The afternoon is filled with lots of food, family and fun. And, most evenings after all has settled, I make a trip to the movie theater to close out a great day.

Perspective is a choice that we make daily.

This morning I saw my granddaughter come around the corner to the dinning room where I ate breakfast. We instantly shared a warm smile. It was a new fresh day and the cranky sleep deprived child (due to her recent activity of waking up between 5-6 a.m.) who threw a fit the night before was consumed by a great night’s rest and a new hope for today. I too awoke with new graces facing me this morning and shared my first smile, which was returned with joy.

She and I chose to start the day with a fresh happy perspective and looked forward to each item on our agenda. She headed off to spend time with friends and I sat down to share a blog post with you – A great start to a wonderful day of possibilities.

A text message interrupted my thoughts…

“The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” Frederick Buechner

I don’t know anything about Mr. Buechner, but I can tell you he has a positive perspective based on a philosophy I hold dear. I’m convinced our passion drives us to action, which blesses those who need a touch – The exact kind of touch that comes from the essence of us being who we are. When we stop pretending to be something we’re not, we unleash a miracle. For a time, life is as it was designed to be before man messed it up.

Every snowflake is different than any that came before it. When the first snowflake touches my outstretched tongue tonight, I will adjust my perspective to make sure I am who I’m supposed to be and bless others by being me. I hope you do the same and reflect on this unique miracle come Thanksgiving Day.

Copyright © 2015 by CJ Powers

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