Casting Vision

© apops - Fotolia.comProducers and directors are in a position to cast vision for their film, giving cast and crew the information needed for impromptu interviews or questions from unannounced bloggers. It only takes two to six minutes, depending on the depth of information given, to create a united front for the film’s promotion.

I was involved in a production that had numerous layers to the story. Each cast member had certain plotlines they liked more than others, which showed up in their interview segments. By the end of the interviews, the host of the talk show was confused and no longer able to promote the movie because she didn’t understand what it was about.

Simplicity in promotion is critical for sending messages through word of mouth. Any attempt at explaining all of the plotlines dilutes the message and weakens the film’s box office. It’s important that there is one simple vision cast that the production team can share.

The producer and director can prepare their vision casting talk using the following outline:

1. KEY ISSUE: All films address some form of a problem, burning issue or needed societal change. The beginning of the vision casting talk should include an attention-getting device and a clear statement of the key issue.

2. BACKSTORY: Listeners need to hear what brought about the key issue and the common answers of the day that were unsuccessful. This will not only allow the audience to understand the stakes involved, but it also sets up the film’s solution as something plausible and worth pursuing.

3. FILM’S SOLUTION: Present a tangible idea as a solution for the common problem using references to real resources. Use example scenes from the story to support the statements. This will help the listener understand the practical steps needed for success.

4. PAY-OFF: Make a clear and concise statement that gives a specific answer to the key issue. To make a greater impact, keep the comment simple and memorable.

5. CLOSE: Follow up with the prominent benefit that results from the change and encourage everyone to get the word out to reach fans, friends and family with the benefits.

By casting a specific vision for the film, the producer and director are able to focus the promotional and social media messages to drive the film’s box office. The repetition of the message throughout the project’s duration will ensure that the cast and crew embrace it and share it.

© 2013 by CJ Powers

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