Notes from the Napkin

Notes from the Napkin by CJ PowersMy latest book, Notes from the Napkin: A Director’s Cut on Filmmaking is now available at and at my estore.

The book features lots of industry tips and tricks that I’ve picked up from conversations with filmmakers Ron Howard, Christopher Nolan, and Ken Burns to name a few. My conversations weren’t much longer than 2-5 minutes, but I gleaned valuable information that changed the way I wrote, directed and produced.

I’ve also added in great tips that I’ve learned from independent filmmakers. The helpful information was never taught in my college film or television classes. Nor have I come across many of the tips in industry books. It’s as if there is an entire set of knowledge only available to those who have been on set with the pros, which I’m making available to independent filmmakers through this book.

The book is broken into three sections: Notes from a Screenwriter, Notes from a Director, and Notes from a Producer. However, there are plenty of notes for actors salted throughout all sections of the book.

I’ve also added in some tips that I’ve learned from the school of hard knocks when working on projects released to ABC, CBS, PBS, WGN, and ABC Family. A few of my tips have come from international workshops that I’ve conducted in Europe and Asia Pacific. And, from my experience successfully releasing films in eight countries.

If you’re looking for tips that actually work, I believe this book is for you. My easy to read, informal style will help you unpack complex issues, adding new technics to your filmmaking tool belt.

Whether you’re interested in reading the book or not, I’d appreciate you passing on the information to other filmmakers who might want to learn a few golden nuggets.

One thought on “Notes from the Napkin

  1. So excited to have these pearls of wisdom, though I did opt for regular shipping 😉 ! I’ve had so many illuminating conversations with CJ, I highly recommend this book! & for those aren’t aware, it’s much better to order off Estore, it may cost an extra few cents, but the author gets a better percentage of sales….and trust me when I say that still isn’t much! SO what are you waiting for? Order up!

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