Cirque Du Soleil: Worlds Away in 3D – Review

James Cameron was an active producer in the making of Andrew Adamson’s 3D movie. He oversaw all the 3D camera work and even was on the rigging high up in the rafters, while Adamson stayed on the ground inspiring the talent with his vision.

Mia and ClownThe film is a work of art that is built on a simple story, which draws from  “O,” “Mystère,” The Beatles – Love,” “Viva Elvis,” and other Cirque Du Soleil shows. It opens with Mia (Erica Kathleen Linz), a young woman who seeks to escape from her dull life. She enters a circus tent and becomes infatuated with a performing aerialist (Igor Zaripov). When their eyes meet, he loses concentration and falls into a vortex of swirling sand. Mia attempts to help him, but into another world with him. Mia and the aerialist become separated and search for each other in this fantastic place.

The performers in the film receive 5-stars for their skills and abilities. Unfortunately, the thin storyline was only put in place to connect the incredible performances drawn from each of the noteworthy Cirque Du Soleil shows and resulted in some dull moments.

For those who haven’t seen a live Cirque Du Soleil performance, the film is ideal and relatively inexpensive, as it gives highlights from several of their shows. For those who have seen one or two live shows, by the end of the first act you might realize that the film doesn’t live up to the impact of a live performance, even though you will be captivated by how close the camera allows you to get.

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