FLIGHT – Review

Two-time Academy Award winning actor Denzel Washington (Whip Whitaker) delivers a believable character whose hero status, after a miraculous crash landing in a broken jet saves lives, delays his realization of how the accident actually unfolded. This mystery thriller slowly peels back the numerous layers of story as the investigation brings to light who or what really caused the mid-air catastrophe.

Academy Award winner Robert Zemekis directed the film with the same flare that put Forrest Gump on the map. His other successes are too numerous to mention, but include: Cast Away, Back to the Future, Contact, Death Becomes Her, Romancing the Stone, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

The film’s $31MM budget will easily be covered as opening weekend brought in $24.9MM domestically. The film is on pace to exceed $100MM in the states and garner a nomination for best actor. Washington’s performance was supported by John GoodmanDon Cheadle and Melissa Leo.

While the all-star cast presented an Oscar® buzz experience, it also pinched a nerve with Budweiser beer and Stolichnaya vodka, Whip’s choice drinks for his binges. Both beverage manufacturers are demanding that their product be removed from the film and require digital editing before the film releases to DVD and television.

There are several other films hunting for Oscar® nominations due out within the next two months, so it’s a bit too early to determine if FLIGHT will bring home a third award for Washington. However, if you’re looking for great drama, this film will introduce you to a hauntingly real character.

© 2012 by CJ Powers
Photo © 2012 Paramount Pictures

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