Day Six — Ireland

I just got back from a great afternoon with the O’Connell family. Carolyn and I spent a wonderful time with Diarmuid and his lovely wife Orla. Their kids Sarah, Rebecca and Diarmuid had a wonderful visit with us as well. The girls played the piano and Orla made a wonderful meal for us to share — Not to mention sending us off with a homemade cinnamon bread loaf.

While everything was being prepared, Diarmuid and I chatted about business and the directions his kids are headed in life. He is a loving father who cares deeply for his kids. Not only does he know his kids’ strengths, but he takes time to help them work through their weaknesses.

We all met up after the Sunday morning service, which was filled with laughter and inspiration thanks to Michael McNamee, Wanda Burgund and Dan Murphy. Michael, with 127 mission trips under his belt, came in from Brussels to join our team. Wanda was our leader and Dan was one of our key contractors.

The theme of the talks were all about the preparation of the coming revival. Those sitting around me were all eager to participate in any activity that would lead to that outcome. Everyone’s heart was geared toward finding a way to encourage those in need.

We did have an unfortunate experience tonight, while putting in extra work at our building site. One of our teenagers had his backpack stolen by a homeless man who slipped in and out without being detected, with the exception of him leaving behind his backpack and sleeping bag in it’s place. The police are investigating.

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