Day Five — Ireland

Filming went well today, as we captured some great interviews. I also learned about yet another group that came to Dublin to prepare for the revival. It is a children’s ministry from Oklahoma that the guys from Teen Challenge met yesterday.

The entire day was spent at Teen Challenge capturing the viewpoints of those recovering from drug addiction. Each person gave examples of how they see the revival growing through one on one encounters. Their personal and disciplined approach has seen a recovery rate around 88% compared to standard recovery rates at rehab facilities of 5-15%.

Tonight, I found a little restaurant that had the best food I’ve tasted in six months. The sword fish was perfect and the dessert to die for. Finds like this must be revisited with the first possible opportunity.

Oh, by the way, I wasn’t able to get to the theatre show I hoped to visit, as our visit to Teen Challenge went a half dozen hours past are allotted time. But, the great food quickly made up for the loss.

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