Blind Date—Or —Blind Faith

This weekend I’ll participate in another blind date. Yes, I’m leery, as dating is awkward at best in this day and age. But, as long as I have friends who fantasize about me meeting the right woman in a special way, I’ll probably continue to find myself taking a leap into the unknown out of respect.

I’m not sure why people don’t just introduce me to their friend, rather than turning it into a dramatic moment almost sure to crash and burn. Either way, matchmaking is a dying art form with a third of all first dates being generated from website connections.

This crazy world we live in has changed the landscape of new dating relationships. Prior to a date, women typically google their potential man to learn about him. She wants key questions answered like, does he have a job, is he surrounded by good friends, does he have a healthy spiritual side, or, is he an axe murder?

But in a blind date, there is an element that requires a leap of faith or tremendous trust in the friend setting you up. Sometimes the effort is rewarded, but most times your friend is just trying to use your niceties to help out a lonely woman who talks daily to her seven cats – Yes, I’ve been on those type of dates (Where do you think I got the idea for the seven cats). What’s funny is that people remind me that a date with a cat woman is far better than sitting at home alone. I’m not sure I agree, when I could be spending time writing.

Tomorrow’s date will certainly take a leap of faith, which could be a good thing. Putting trust into a friend might help me get another perspective on how important it is to trust in God as I walk by faith. While tomorrow night might reveal my friend’s failure at matchmaking, God will own and possibly redeem the moment for His purposes.

I call these moments, “divine appointments.” They are times when we walk by faith trusting that God will bring about good to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. They are the times when we live by faith, not by sight – Always trusting that God will bring about that greater good.

This perspective suggests that my worst-case scenario for tomorrow night will be a God moment where I can encourage someone. The best case is finding a life partner or a great friend. Either way I win, as I walk by faith during my blind date.

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