Bowling Like A Hunter

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I was bowling with a competitive business executive, racecar driver, and hunter. All four of us had demonstrated significant wins in our life and had benefitted greatly from our efforts. While we all knew that bowling was not our strong suit, no one wanted to lose.

When I say wasn’t our strong suit, I mean we struggled to break a score of 100.

Everyone’s first frame was dismal. By the second frame, the business executive got the first rare strike. He set the tone for everyone’s desire. But the hunter’s ball found the gutter all too easily while the rest of us tallied our pins with every attempt.

By the fourth frame, the hunter finally got a significant amount of pins down and announced that while he couldn’t win, he decided to set a steady pace to hit a score of 100. The rest of us took solace in his lowered expectation and engaged in a pursuit to surpass his trivial goal. We knew who the loser was going to be. Now we had to discover which of us would rise to the winner’s circle.

The executive’s score zipped ahead of us, causing the racecar driver to try different grips and techniques. Once he found the right groove, he was too far behind to catch up.

I worked hard to keep up with the executive, but he gained 1-3 pins over me in each frame. I couldn’t do a thing to exceed his play, but I pressed forward, knowing that the pressure of the win might cause the executive to choke. And if he choked enough times, I could find myself as the winner. But that’s not how things turned out.

The hunter had continued his methodical approach. By the 8th frame, the executive felt the pressure rise as the hunter got within less than a few pins of his score. With his lead dwindling, the pressure impacted the executive’s game. He choked twice and lost the lead.

The hunter achieved his goal of breaking 100 points with a final score of 104. The executive came in at 98. I reached 94. And, the video scoring screen turned off before I could see the racecar driver’s loss.

We, who had laughed at the measly goal of 100 pins, couldn’t reach that minimum. But the one man who focused on making every frame count in achieving his realistic goal was honored with the win. He proved that no matter how fast we are, how good we troubleshoot, or chase after bragging rights, the sure-footed steps of a humble man will always prevail.

Copyright © 2022 by CJ Powers


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