Podcast: Exploration Ice Cream

I’ve been busy speaking on The Creative You podcast over the past handful of weeks. My recent speaking engagements have also been on the topic of creativity. Many that heard my recent talks have requested that I publish new posts to my blog on things a person can do to grow or expand their creativity.

Today, I’ve decided to respond with a technique designed to remove the ruts of our thinking patterns while brainstorming perspectives not yet considered. Instead of spending time writing out the technique, I’ve decided to share a podcast. I chatted with my host, Rebecca Boskovic, about the process of how to remove the ruts of repetitive thinking and how to practice the “Ice Cream” method.

To listen to the free episode, click here or go to https://www.patreon.com/cjpowers

As you listen to this episode, put yourself in Rebecca’s shoes as she walks through the process. Then you’ll be able to try the technique on your own using your real-world situation. And, if you like this episode and are interested in hearing other episodes, you can subscribe on that same page for a small fee of $4.00 (the cost of a cup of coffee) for four, half-hour episodes every month. Enjoy this free episode.


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