4 thoughts on “The Story Behind The Stories

  1. CJ! A great video about current movies and the stories behind them! You have an interesting perspective not found with a lot of other chroniclers and storytellers. Good luck with this venture—I’m sure you’ll garner quite a following.

    Also – it’s good to see an honest and balanced view of the medium. Great that you will be evaluating media and society as well. Should be quite interesting… and needed.

  2. Good work CJ. How often will these be published?

    One suggestion though, your audio needs a better mic or closer mic. Don’t let that be a distraction. This can soar for you because your content is very well written and the editing keeps it moving. Make it excellent on all levels.

    All the best.

    • Hey Marc, I’m planning on weekly if there is enough interest. The great thing about the Internet is that you know how many viewers watch your show and if there are enough to continue the efforts. Viewers really do make a direct difference with each unique view. We’ll see if there is an audience for the show.

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