Less Than A Week To Go – I Need Your Help!

STEELE BLUE KickstarterIt’s my goal to introduce a new line of entertainment products that are wholesome and moral, while also being edgy. Some say it isn’t possible, but I believe it is – That is, only with your help.

STEELE BLUE is my first novel. It follows a maverick female detective into a drug lord’s dark world. Cassie is forced to make difficult decisions that will impact her relationship with her teenage son, while fighting to survive in an undercover world where her life is at risk.

When I was growing up, PG-Rated films were filled with action and adventure, and G-Rated films were for a tamer general audience. After PG-13 Rated films came into vogue, G-Rated films included content for little children and PG-Rated films were filled with sappy stories for all ages. This forced families to increase their tolerance for bad language, graphic violence and sexual content in order to watch well-made stories that received a PG-13 Rating.

I’m a firm believer in wholesome and moral content. I’m also convinced that there are tactful ways of sharing the wrong choices in life without dragging a person into it. The new line of entertainment that I’m working on does exactly that. The stories reveal the good and the bad, the right and the wrong, all through the character’s choices.

The STEELE BLUE storyline is written to entertain the reader. There’s no moral message forced down his or her throat, but I make it clear why each character makes the decisions they do – Giving the reader an opportunity to accept for themselves the various choices made by their favorite character.

Cassie isn’t perfect and makes a few mistakes, but readers can relate to her difficult choices and see the ramifications of her good and her bad ones. Some of her choices include issues faced by single parent homes, while others become moral dilemmas in her quest to take down the notorious Diaz.

These insightful moments are subtle and lightly salted in around a lot of action, adventure and some humor. The story is entertaining and I have completed the novel and the screenplay with the hopes of making the book into a movie some day.

But, none of this can happen without you believing with me that wholesome and moral entertainment can be placed within an edgy storyline. It hasn’t been done before and I believe that with your help we can launch a new genre of entertainment products that are thrilling and gutsy, without taking us down a destructive immoral path.

Please join me in this last week by supporting my Kickstarter STEELE BLUE novel campaign by clicking here. If every person who receives this link donates $1 the project will be over funded. Please consider joining those who are already believing that I can accomplish what’s never been done before. Thanks!

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