New Perspective for Blog

Idea LeadershipDuring breakfast with my friend Rusty, I shared my concern for where my blog was headed. Since my life keeps on progressing through unexpected changes, I wondered if my blog should follow suit. After all, many blogs tend to follow the writer’s life experiences and ideas.

For those reading my blog because of their interest in film and television, they’d find plenty to read as I share my current projects while they unfold. For others who just want to read my stories, I’d certainly continue creating entries for the sheer entertainment of it – Although most of my stories do make a life point as well.

Then there’s the group of readers who want to hear my perspective on film reviews, and the crazy things happening in our media and culture. I would continue to share my thoughts on those items as well. The bottom line is that I want my blog to better reflect my ever-changing world including its ups and downs.

So I’ll place my creative take on each entry as I explore the stories of life that are significant. And, I’ll share those thoughts with my readers with each post.

Since I have no plan covering what I’d publish on any given day, I won’t worry about how many behind the scenes articles I write compared to reviews or thought provoking ideas. I will just write and share things as they come up.

Are there any types of articles you’d like me to address?

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