In Development

In Development“Hurry up and wait,” is an adage from the motion picture industry. It reflects the tone on set during a production and the short flurry of activity followed by a long duration of waiting that accompanies it. People visiting the set either get very excited about the process or hate the sheer boredom that they may face.

“Feast or famine,” is another common phrase that reveals the process starving artists go through on the path of their careers. However, few talk about it and some even pretend to always be on top of the world financially. The funny thing is that everyone knows the entertainment industry employs more freelancers who also work in part time sales positions and the restaurant service industry.

While actors work hard to be ready for the moment when a big break comes their way, others are steeped in development preparing the next story to be made into a motion picture or television show.

The development phase of the project can last anywhere from six months to six years on average. Star Wars spent seven years in development, while James Cameron’s Avatar required more development time in order to create the technology used to make the movie.

Recently I was asked by one of my blog followers where I was in the filmmaking process. He had been following the show “Working Title” and was disappointed that he hadn’t been able to read more over the last few weeks. So I gave him an update on where I am in the filmmaking process, which I’ll now share with you.


“Working Title” is now titled “Tried & True.” The film is still in development and we are fine-tuning the screenplay. In parallel, we are seeking investors to fund the film with a budget of $12 million. The story is aimed at the general audience and gives a Playboy law student’s viewpoint on exploring whether or not a son can take down his evil father, an attorney for the mob, through divisive anger or by showing mercy.

“Steele Blue” is also in development. While there are a few tweaks that need to happen in the screenplay, I’ve spent a significant amount of time rewriting the novel that I completed last year. The story is about a maverick detective who needs to take down a drug kingpin before he releases cherry meth into the Chicago schools, where her son attends. Working with a PTSD blocked memory, the detective starts to fall in love with the very man she must take down.

I’m also in development of a television sitcom designed to go head-to-head against Duck Dynasty. The series is built around Southern comedians who deal with the basics of life in a moral, yet red-necked way. Every development meeting that we’ve had with the talent has made me laugh hysterically at their everyday antics. I can’t wait to tickle your funny bone with more news about this series.

“The Tree Jumper” is a motion picture vehicle designed to introduce new talent to the silver screen. This coming of age high school adventure film is loaded with action, heartfelt moments and eye-opening drama. While aimed at the Millennials, it will touch the hearts of everyone and bring a new understanding of the differences between conditional love and sacrificial love. One of my favorite sequences is when Jeremy tree jumps to save a couple from a crashed Cessna dangling over a ravine.

It’s hard to blog about shows and development because of all the secrecy and copyright restrictions. However, I hope this update gives you an appreciation for all the work that happens behind closed doors in developing great story.