Quest #002 – Characters Reflect Real Life

Quest for the Nail Prints by Don FurrQuest is an ensemble feature about three strangers whose circumstances put them on the same plane headed to Israel. Pastor Paul Ryann, who looks more like an athlete than a pastor, is obsessed with finding out if Christ was actually nailed in the hands, wrist or forearm. His fixation separates him from his loving wife of seven years with little hope of reconciliation.

Dr. Elizabeth Stewart is a beautiful and highly regarded life flight trauma specialist. She holds impeccable credentials and a deep seeded need to rescue the wounded. Despite her skills, Elizabeth struggles with the deaths of those she can’t save. She soon finds new vitality in Paul and desires what she can’t have, as they bond through traumatic circumstances.

Professor Van Eaton is an expert in decoding and deciphering ancient manuscripts. Far from a religious man, he’s an obsessed skeptic with a passion to uncover the secrets of ancient times. Sober for two years, he finds that the dusty parchments hold the same tantalizing lure for him as a top shelf bottle.

The interaction between the characters brings about a unique sense of adventure and fascination, a strong feeling of constrained romantic desire, and a jolting revelation that makes the crucifixion personal. Each character is faced with their inner demons and is forced to decide if they will do what feels right or follow the will of God.

Author Don Furr drew realistic encounters from his earlier years in life for the first draft of his book. After realizing that most audiences that read faith-based stories prefer characters that are good people that become better, he softened the interactions between the characters to make the story more acceptable.

When I first chatted with Don, I quickly learned that he had some regret because he didn’t go with the real world experiences that the characters were based on. We talked about the harsh realities of divorce and the incredible healing power that God can pour into a hurting heart. By the end of our discussions about each character’s dreams and vices, we altered the story in keeping with the original vision God gave Don.

The audience will see very real characters in the film, beginning with the street-racing scene. While we’ll be tactful in the presentation of the medevac helicopter and emergency room, those scenes will be very realistic in what actual trauma doctors face.

And, when Paul and Elizabeth start to unintentionally bond, they will be forced to face the same difficult decision that real people have to make. For Paul, he’ll have to decide between taking advantage of the circumstances that’ll lead to an affair or choosing to act according to the scriptures rather than following his feelings, knowing that his wife may never take him back.

The professor is also faced with a unique opportunity that can regenerate his passion from college or send him back to the bottle.

There are two things they all have in common: An inner struggle that consumes them; and, an encounter with the Master. What they do with their choice changes all three once the time portal returns them back to the present.

If you like realistic character driven films with plenty of adventure, Quest will be a great film to watch.

Copyright © 2013 by CJ Powers
All Rights Reserved.

4 thoughts on “Quest #002 – Characters Reflect Real Life

  1. I am very pleased by reading blog. You are doing things right. Most faith based/Christian movies today are getting better at cinematography or acting but still fail in the script department. You choose to have an excellent script before you move forward. This will make your films stand out in the market. Even great actors can’t completely hide poorly written scripts. I can’t wait to see these films on the screen!

  2. Thanks for the comment. The story is indeed the most important element in filmmaking and my team works very hard to get it right. I’m confident you’ll enjoy the finished project.

  3. I think that you mean “Dr. Elizabeth Stewart… [has] a deep seeded need to rescue the wounded.”

    Not that I’m all that picky or concerned.

    I hope that the realistic characters help to ground a rather fanciful plot device (falling down a well, back into time). I’m guessing that you have that all under control. 😉

    Avidly following this and “Working Title.” Thanks for sharing this stuff!

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