The Hollywood Reporter Invited Me to Hangout – Sundance 2013

The Hollywood Reporter invited me to a live Sundance Google® Hangout with four other filmmakers to chat with Oscar® winning documentary writer/director Frieda Lee Mock about her new film Anita. The hangout session was broadcasted live from the Village at the Lift on Friday morning, the first day of Sundance 2013.

Anita Hill joined our discussion with Mock and brought another perspective to the film, which had all four showings sold out within the first few minutes of Sundance’s opening. Mock’s documentary is about attorney Hill’s life including her infamous sexual harassment accusations against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who at the time was a nominee for the high court.

The conversation was fascinating with both Mock and Anita answering our questions while the entire program was streamed live. A 9-minute version was made available for the Sundance diaries and on YouTube. Here is a clip…



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