Top Posts of 2011

Yesterday I reviewed who my blog readers were and which of my blog entries were most read and responded to in 2011. I learned that my blog is followed in 138 countries with the greatest reader populations being in the United States, Philippines, and Canada.

1. Talented Collaboration
The most read post was “Talented Collaboration” about the need for Christian filmmakers to emulate secular filmmakers in the area of project collaboration.

2. Truth Be Told – A Fox TV Movie Review
The second most read post was “Truth Be Told – A Fox TV Movie Review”. The film was one of the movies funded by P&G Productions in an attempt to bring wholesome programing back to families.

3. Game Time: Tackling the Past – Review
“Game Time: Tackling the Past – Review” was the third most read post and included my interview with Catherine Hicks (“7th Heaven” and Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home”).

4. Top 100 Grossing Movies Objectify Women
“Top 100 Grossing Movies Objectify Women” came in fourth and quoted the latest statistics from Parents Television Council and a study done at the University of California.

5. Desperation and Frustration
And, the fifth most read post was “Desperation and Frustration” and covered how to develop a movie character using moments of desperation and frustration.

Since my readers have leaned more toward these types of posts, I’ll be adjusting what I write to meet the reader’s desires. In 2012, I will be shifting back from three posts a week to two. I will also, in keeping with what my readers are interested in, change the categories of posts to Filmmaking, Screenwriting and Reviews.

I am also changing my blog to better meet the needs of my readers, which will include a new look and the opportunity to obtain training materials, wholesome programs, and more interviews from the industry. So, please be patient with our dust as we construct the new site and make sure you tell your friends about us once the site launches. The URL will remain

Happy New Year!


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