The Shunning — Review

What do you get when you combine the talents of Brian Bird with Michael Landon Jr.?

The Shunning is from New York Times Best-Selling Author Beverly Lewis. It’s about an Amish woman who finds that she has a personal journey of discovery in front of her that must be resolved. With marriage just around the corner and knowing she has never quite fit into the community, her interest is peaked when a wealthy outsider pokes around with questions about her family.

The show was originally aired on the Hallmark Channel and received very high ratings for a cable network, prompting a sequel. The DVD released last week and is worth watching. In true Landon style, the film pulls at your heartstrings, while revealing a depth of culture seldom experienced.

Bird and Landon have made great steps forward in their projects and The Shunning is one of their best works. Their production company Believe Pictures is quickly becoming synonymous with high quality family fare and Landon’s life long experience in television has become preciously refined for the works of Beverly Lewis.

Copyright © 2011 By CJ Powers

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