Shooting International Commercial Spot

This morning I’m shooting an international commercial spot for Capgemini, but rather than directing, I’m actually in the spot. Over the past dozen years my life took me away from production long enough to learn about the Fortune 100 world and how to manage big business. I’m currently responsible for a $200MM spend at Kraft Foods Global with the focus on Sales Services.

The position was a natural fit since I entered the Fortune 100 world in sales. In the tech industry, I quickly learned how to develop relationships and build the partnerships needed to sell and close over $2B in large network and technical manufacturing deals. Not only did I learn about sales, but my travels took me to 25 countries where I had the opportunity to live among the locals and learn about their culture first hand.

While these experiences might sound like incredible business opportunities, I found it more useful in my maturing process – Realizing how insignificant I was compared to everything else going on in the world. It gave me a unique perspective about life and balance that I may not have gained from typical self-help sources.

So, today I’m being filmed as the expert in International Sales Services. While my experience fits that bill, I find myself more focused on the shooting process. Im curious about what techniques and style the international director will use to capture the moment. I’m wondering if I can keep focused on my topic and leave the filmmaking to others. I’m wondering if I will come across as the expert, or if my creativity will well up due to the shooting process that I dearly love and appreciate.

They say the worst patients are doctors and I can’t help but wonder if I’ll be like a “doctor” of the film world. Hopefully I’ll keep my business hat on and leave the shooting to the experts. Although, having won several international awards for directing, I can’t help but wonder what caliber of director will be producing the spot. Hmm, there I go again. I better focus on sales and leave the creativity to others.

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