Amy Winehouse’s Empty Entourage Chair

Every recording artist and actor I’ve met increases the size of their entourage to match their increased fame. This is partially due to the demands put on their lives and the need to keep up with their heavy schedules – Not to mention the help needed to manage the internal pressures that drive their desire for a normal life.

Adding a publicist to the entourage is most talent’s number one choice due to the media demands put on their life. Since social networking has grown, some publicists manage double duty, while other talent hires a specialist that does nothing but social networking. Our visual society next demands that wardrobe, hair and makeup experts join the team. Even physical fitness instructors and chefs have been added to some teams. And, of course, the big burly security guards.

But there is on chair left empty in most stars’ entourages including Amy Winehouse’s – The pastor, rabbi or spiritual counselor.

We all know that rock stars and actors go off the deep end from time to time as the pressures of their fantasy world tears them apart. We also know that our spiritual leaders help us to keep a healthy perspective on life that encourages right choices and balanced living. So, why don’t entourages include a pastor?

Sales are generated based on publicity and most publicists can lift their talent above the noise of the competition with sensuality and controversy. The tabloids were filled with Winehouse’s addictions, provocative clothing, battles with bulimia, acts of theft, and other outrageous rock and roll type behaviors – Instantly catapulting her to the forefront of people’s minds and the top of the charts.

But, at what cost?

Winehouse seemed to have someone looking out for her physical, mental, and emotional needs, but what about her spiritual needs?

What would have happened if she had a pastor in her entourage? Would he have helped to bring balance to her life? And if so, would she have lost the edge that the press hungered for? Would she have slipped into oblivion and just been a great singer in some side street pub?

I sometimes wonder if the reason’s pastors are not a part of the entertainment world is due to the health and balance they help bring to the talent – Making them normal and not newsworthy. I can’t even imagine a studio or recording company wanting to keep their talent balanced when every controversy shoots sales higher into the top charts. Then again, maybe it’s not about the studios, but rather pastors wanting to avoid sensuality and controversy in order to maintain their holy or righteous appearance.

Unfortunately, Winehouse needed that balance to maintain a longer life, but did not have it. Oh, she may have visited her rabbi from time to time, but no one ever reported her having one in her entourage. In fact, regardless of her looks and the Star of David necklace she sometimes wore, few knew she was Jewish – Although everyone was confident she was a Brit.

I’ve watched a lot of Christian filmmakers and actors slip into a backslidden condition when they emerged into the spotlight. The funny thing, none of them had a pastor in their entourage either. In fact, the most successful ones were trying to carefully balance between a Christian life and a media life without any form of safety net or support group.

Why is it that Christians in the media think they are above falling prey to success?

My pastor in my home church is very successful and surrounded by deacons who watch over him. Billy Graham always had someone with him when speaking with a woman. As for me, I’d love to have an entourage like the guys I bunked with in Ireland. We were open and honest about our struggles and successes, keeping each one of us in line through sincere accountability with no judgment of our failures.

So, if you know a pastor who feels led to join an entourage, encourage him or her to do so and let’s see what happens when the entertainer becomes a quality role model. In the meantime, pray for the Winehouse family and the pain they’ve endured.

Copyright © 2011 By CJ Powers