A Model Girl

Little Kristie loved standing in front of her mom’s full length mirror. It was a time to marvel at who she was and dream about the young lady she would one day become. Glancing down, she smiled at her shiny new black shoes she received on Christmas Day. It warmed her heart knowing her mother had picked them out while on a trip to Paris. The shoes made her feel like a European fashion model.

Carefully brushing the long curls from her eyes, Kristie looked up at the barrette in her hair. It was the one she and her mom picked out during a trip to the mall for a special girls only weekend. She took in a deep breath and sighed. Kristie felt so special having a dad who encouraged girl time and supported it with special funds for souvenirs and presents.

Kristie’s pink dress was one present bought at a small boutique after a movie and ice cream cone. The store had caught her mother’s eye and they had to extend their weekend by a few extra hours, which dad welcomed since his football game had started. Timing was everything, Kristie thought, as she fluffed her skirt that framed her beautiful long legs.

Her soul welled up with joy at the idea of being a successful model traveling to Paris regularly. She knew her slender legs were perfectly shaped like her mother’s. But she needed time to prepare herself emotionally, as modeling was very hard work filled with exhausting hours. She paused as she glanced up and down once again in the mirror, soaking in every detail of who she was.

Kristie adored those few minutes in front of the mirror after every trip to the cemetery visiting her mother. It brought her hope and made her feel beautiful, just like her mom. Kristie’s face soon reflected a touch of elegance as she gently caressed her cheek and pondered how her mother loved deeply and playfully. It made her long to be a mother as well some day.

Unfortunately, the time had come for her to face reality. She glanced down at her thin waist where her dad’s strong hands held her up right in front of the mirror. Kristie knew he was tiring and didn’t want to over extend the blessing he gave her. With a gentle nod, her dad turned her around and placed her back in her wheel chair.

“Thank you daddy,” smiled Kristie.

“You’re welcome princess,” responded her dad.

Her father took hold of the wheel chair and they headed into the family room to play a game of checkers. Sunday afternoons were always filled with time for family, even before the car accident that took Kristie’s mom and left her paralyzed from the ribs down. It was also a time for Kristie to reflect on how wonderful her life was, especially with a dad who knew and understood her need to be the lady of the house.

In Kristie’s mind timing was everything and she was confident that one day she would meet her prince because her dad cared and helped her prepare emotionally every week for her future.


Copyright 2010 by CJ Powers  All Rights Reserved.

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