Church Strip Clubs and the Media’s Truth

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I read about two churches, in two different states, that were ordered by government officials to close in the name of COVID while those same officials allowed local strip clubs to remain open. Based on the specific language in the orders, the churches decided to notify the authorities that they were now strip clubs—One stating, “Where we strip the devil of his hold, power, and authority over people’s lives!” Yes, the churches stayed open in spite of the orders and have pending court dates.

The Supreme Court of the United States prevented the state of New York from upholding lockdown restrictions on houses of worship, writing, “Even in a pandemic, the Constitution cannot be put away and forgotten.”

In the meantime, the media has gone nutty in our area with over hyped fears that led up to Thanksgiving Day. Their exaggerated warnings focused on making it politically incorrect for families to share a meal and churches to have services.

The media’s main fear-based message highlighted the skyrocketing tests (up to around 150,000 per day at that time). The story swelled with references to a huge wave about to crash down on our society and overburden the hospitals. They did not report that large numbers of the people being tested had no symptoms and just wanted proof that they didn’t have the virus so they could get together with family.

Nor did the news share that the number of actual positive cases during this time was between 6-12%, depending on the day. That’s right, out of the 150,000 tests, less than 10% of the tests were positive. The news didn’t broadcast that information.

In fact, when the media started the fear hype, they didn’t inform the public that the number of confirmed positives was at only one person for every 20 tests, the lowest recorded in COVID history. That’s right, when the number of confirmed cases were at the lowest, the media started their fear hyping campaign.

While the hype continues, the media also leaves out information about the fatality rate. During this big Thanksgiving season hype campaign, the fatality rate dropped down to 2%. In fact, it’s been on a steady decline since May. Yes, a steady decline—so why the push for more lockdowns? Weren’t the lockdowns to reduce the death rate?

By the way, you can read all the data points at

The numbers that haven’t been broadcast make it clear that the media is filtering out the truth. Or, as social media would express it, the networks are sharing “their truth.” Maybe it’s time for a new media company to step up and present just the facts and allow us to interpret them for ourselves.

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