Workplace Wisdom from an Entertainer

BookI met CBS’ national correspondent for Inside Edition, Megan Alexander, last week. She was a speaker at a film and television conference I attended and had a signing for her latest book Faith in the Spotlight. Between the pages are applicable suggestions designed for the person that wants to honor their faith, while thriving in the professional workplace.

Her husband Brian is a man committed to their relationship and family, a standard that she can count on in her weekly travels. Brian engaged me in a short chat and I soon realized the sacrifice their family quietly suffers in order to help and encourage professional woman (and men) to influence their marketplace with wisdom, advice and good ole fashioned morals.

Megan lives with her family in the Nashville area and commutes to New York and other locations for 3-4 days each week. It takes a toll on her and her family, but they know it is the right thing to do at this time. But being the right thing doesn’t stop a professional woman in the entertainment world from facing unhealthy and relentless demands that Megan must counter to maintain her faith.

“You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.” Eleanor Roosevelt

A clear example from a couple years ago was Megan’s “after the Oscar” segment that challenged her beliefs. When she came into the studio that morning, the wardrobe person pointed to the dress she was supposed to wear. It was a knock-off dress made for less than $100 designed to look like the $5,000 dress Angelina Jolie wore on the red carpet.

The dress was provocative including a slit that went so far up the leg there wasn’t much left for the imagination. In that moment Megan was faced with a career decision that might compromise her faith. She took a few minutes to think about how to solve the problem and reached for a black conservative dress, suggesting someone else would be better suited to show off the white dress.

Not only did the contrasting dress allow her to maintain her beliefs on what’s proper attire to wear, but it demonstrated to the audience a valuable lesson on how great professional women can look without compromising their beliefs. Another lesson came from the moment that was helpful to everyone in the room.

Most compromising situations can be precluded if we think through several scenarios we might face every day.

Megan learned that talking about a less expensive version of a red carpet dress is an annual segment after the Oscars®. She now knows to chat with wardrobe in advance of the show to predetermine the types of dresses she will wear. She also learned that the wardrobe person is only doing their job based on the directives given from the segment producer.

In her climb up the career ladder, Megan has attended several churches that catered to stay-at-home moms with morning Bible studies. Her needs for fellowship and spiritual encouragement were not facilitated by the churches because she didn’t fit the stereotypical model of a Christian woman.

The person impacting millions of people every week had no one ministering to her.

It didn’t take long for Megan to start her own Bible study. She still gets together every week with a group of women in New York for encouragement and camaraderie in maintaining their faith in the entertainment industry. And yes, you would know every woman in the group if I shared their names.

Every one of us needs to have accountability to maintain our beliefs. Megan’s new book Faith in the Spotlight gives golden nuggets of wisdom that are practical and easy to apply. Her words come from the heart and are laced with years of experience navigating a fickle industry where you can be “the toast of the town one day and yesterday’s news the next.”

Take it from a woman who has to battle fierce competition where “someone is always looking to take your job or steal your spotlight.” Megan knows what it takes to stay relevant and her book empowers the reader to do the same. This book is for anyone who wants to thrive in their career, while maintaining their beliefs.

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