Radio Interview for Hi-Tech Automotive Specialists

This afternoon 95.9 FM The River broadcasted an interview of me representing my client, Hi-Tech Automotive Specialists. The topic was their sponsorship of Rock ‘N Wheels concert series and car shows in Addison, Il. Hi-Tech hired me to develop special offers, rack cards, posters, banners, show booth, and sales campaigns.

The family owned business also desired to pay it forward by sponsoring the event and saw more positive press as a result of their thank you to the community. I was amazed at how much traction the good will provided compared to typical advertising.

Here is the 2-minute live interview…

I hope you enjoyed listening to the interview. I certainly enjoyed the experience and learned a lot about radio. The pacing of the conversation was much faster than I ever imagined it would be. Thinking on my feet at that speed made me feel like a train wreck was eminent. Thankfully I was in good hands with Jeff, the DJ.



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