Wise Guys – Review

WiseGuys book-and-logo3-500x637-2I was interested in reading Kent Evans’ new book, Wise Guys because the promotional copy said he “wanted to show you how to gather life-enriching truth from guys in your own circle.”

Learning how to draw out the wisdom from men, especially the ones I’ve hung out with, is a valuable skill worth learning. But, the book didn’t teach me how to do it until the last chapter. Instead, the author shared nuggets of wisdom he gained from a few guys in his circle.

I was also misled by the sub-title, “Unlocking Hidden Wisdom from the Men Around You.” I didn’t learn anything about drawing out wisdom that’s hidden deep within my friends. All I learned was numerous life lessons the author received from his friends.

Tossing the misleading promotional info to the side, this book is a great devotional for men – although its not promoted as a devotional.

Every nugget of wisdom shared is worth understanding and figuring out how to apply to ones own life. Each chapter provides the author’s experience, his learned life lessons and a few questions to help you think through its application in your own life.

The secondary benefit of the book comes from its position of stepping away from ego. This empowers the reader to grow stronger and more powerful as a man, without feeling humiliated. After several chapters of the book, it became normal to look humbly at my own circumstances and choices, in a way that I could grow. Introspection became a part of who I was during the reading of each lesson.

The questions at the end of each chapter are worth the price of the book. The stories and life lessons are also of value, as it helps provide a wholesome perspective in life. The end of the book is loaded with more information about how to join a Manhood Journey group, an organization the author uses for ministering to fathers and helping them build the next generation of godly men.

Copyright © 2016 by CJ Powers

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