Engaging Employees to Care

Here is a recent leadership article I did for an automotive company.

Hi-Tech Addison Auto Repair

009_Pic2It’s been said by many a manager that Millennials are the hardest to manage. Frustration surges through the manager’s mind and surfaces on his face in several shades of red. He is sometimes at his wit’s end and sees no hope in sight.

This is common among managers who were raised in a high work ethic environment. Back when the system of management was first developed, loyalty was a key factor in its support. The reciprocation of that corporate loyalty was enough to increase efforts among workers at every level.

Loyalty is no longer a factor in business. Corporate boards have turned people into mere resources that are as easy to discard or pick up as a piece of equipment. No longer is an employee’s expertise of additional value, as companies are convinced they can find a better replacement with little effort.

The only way to get and keep an…

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