Pre-Order STEELE BLUE Novel

Episode_1_Cover_Comp_v2I’m happy to announce that my new crime novel, from the Steele Blue Crime Series, is available as an eBook for pre-sale orders on Kindle. The story is made up of seven episodes starting with “The Forgotten Crime.”

The book will release on December 15, 2015. Every 3-4 weeks another episode will be added to the novel until the story comes to a climax in episode seven. Once the final episode is released, the paperback version of the book will release.

While the work is fiction, the story was structured around several police incidents I learned about when my dad was a cop. His friends also shared stories of actual events that gave me great material to work with.

To pre-order the Kindle eBook, please click on the Amazon location where you’ll make the purchase. You will then be transferred to the page for ordering the book. Also, please note that the book is only in English at this time.

United States          United Kingdom          Germany          France          Spain          Italy          The Netherlands          Japan          Brazil          Canada         Mexico     Australia          India



One thought on “Pre-Order STEELE BLUE Novel

  1. This book sounds wonderful! You’ve got everything going to make it a great read, intrigue, single parenthood, adventure, mystery, and my old stomping grounds, Chicago! Looking forward to it!

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