2 thoughts on “CJ’s Corner Episode 006 – Live in the Moment to Create Great Art

  1. CJ, Thank you so much for including me in your blog on “Living In the Moment!” I so appreciate your vision, your living in the moment! You see details that most of us miss, but you are always willing to offer a hand up and take us along on your journey! Thank you for your insight & letting me be a piece of “your moment”!

  2. Good day .Please I need responses from you on the following
    How does Art and Entertainment influence our community, society and nation, as well as our world?
    How does art and entertainment relate to the Church?
    What is the relationship of art and entertainment in the Church? What is time and season now in the art and entertainment industry.
    What is the present situation o the Art and entertainment.

    The incursions onto the church
    The bridge that the Entertainment decided to create between the world and the church.

    The criss cross over of Arts and Entertainment
    How a and e had attacked the church baldly
    How can we effectively address current issues problems, abuseand provinding the way out from long time misinterpretation and mis information. You may send responses to thesedmi@gmail.com thanks

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