Birdman Wins Golden Globes Best Screenplay

birdmanBirdman took Best Screenplay award at the 72nd Golden Globes last night. It also won Best Actor (Michael Keton). The film nominations included best comedy or musical, best supporting actor (Edward Norton), best supporting actress (Emma Stone), best director (Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu), and score.

The Academy will release its nominations on Thursday for Oscar® considerations, but to give everyone a head start, I’ve attached the submitted version of the screenplay for your reading pleasure. Birdman Screenplay

Happy reading!

One thought on “Birdman Wins Golden Globes Best Screenplay

  1. I’m always amazed what is deemed tops for screenplays. Seriously? This is the most praiseworthy over everything else written in 2014? READER BEWARE: You can tell a lot in the first 10 pages of a script and I knew immediately we were in trouble when almost every other sentence contained the f-word. That’s just lazy. I know we’re supposed to try to learn screenwriting from the great screenplays, but surely, SURELY we can do better than this blasphemous, empty, fruitless, depressing piece of garbage? I think the Apostle Paul’s words to Timothy apply here urging us to “SHUN profane and vain babblings”.( 1 Timothy 6:20, 2 Timothy 2:16)

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