ChecK It OutA new web series will release in 2015 called “Check It Out.” The weekly show will feature movies, books, music and television shows that are worth looking into. While Check It Out is a review show, it will focus on finding the great entertainment that’s worth investing time in watching, listening, and reading. Its Facebook Page is at

The show features two anchor co-hosts and several field reporters. It’s the producers’ hope to expand the series to include reporters from all across the globe, especially since entertainment continues to expand internationally.

Today the show announced its first OPEN CASTING CALL for individuals that live in or near New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Orlando, Dallas, Nashville, Atlanta, London, Dublin, and Sydney. Headshots, resumes/credits, and links to sample video clips of talent presenting a review can be emailed to:

The show is a magazine review format with a strong, professional male host (40s or 50s) and a strong, motherly female host (late 30s to mid 50s). The male anchor will focus on action and adventure with a touch of tenderhearted moments. The female anchor will focus on the moral and educational with a touch of excitement. The format will include jovial conflict and lighthearted banter between co-anchors.

The field reporters can be any age, but must command a great screen presence. The ability to come across playful and share a deep passion for the arts is critical to the show’s success. Individuals auditioning should consider what makes them stand apart from others. Talent that looks and acts just like everyone else will not get the part. Talent that presents his or herself as an extremely unique person will not get the part.

There is a difficult balance between being interesting in a unique way and coming across as having tried too hard. The talent must stand out, but without becoming a gimmick or cliché.

Casting selections will be made through December and into January. Contracts and all phases of the auditioning process confidential.

When released, the show will be broadcast over an Internet channel, but the central location for publicity and archives will be at http://CheckItOut.Reviews and include bios of the talent, behind the scenes footage, fan pages and local stories.

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