It’s All About the Audience

The cinema and the local church have sought new ways of drawing people to its seats for years. When new media came along, marketers started to focus more on niche audiences. Magazines published various regional issues that focused advertisers on specific markets and technology took a deeper dive into personalized advertising.

Localized stories found a ground swell of audiences forcing some to go viral and large corporations shifted their attention to social media. Films like Minority Report gave us a glimpse into the future with electronic mall posters changing ads to reflect the likes of the person walking past, based on localized broadcasts of nearby mobile phone gps signals.

These innovations soon crossed over by creating a combination of partnerships, which make advertising all the more impactful. Here is a clip of a localized broadcast in a Hong Kong theater that makes a point about not texting while driving. The technology being used gives creative people an entire new way of introducing an audience to cinemas and churches.

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