Iesodo – Review

IesodoThe new children’s series Iesodo (pronounced Yay-Sa-Doe) features two episodes per DVD, special features for parents and a website link for discussion materials. The lead character is Iesodo, a white dove who represents Christ. He is the head of a flock of six birds who are like disciples, always learning as he teaches lessons.

Each episode has a creative bent on Jesus’ miracles that is put into a child’s world. For instance, Jesus fed 5,000 people with five loaves of bread and two fish, while Iesodo feeds thousands of birds with five acorns and two fish. Likewise, Jesus called to Peter during a storm and had him step out of a boat and walk on water, while Iesodo asks one of the birds floating on a log to walk on the water.

Some people might be bothered by the stories being just a little off from the Biblical account because children might accidentally confuse the differences between Jesus and Iesodo. It may have been better for the series to match the specific miracles or come up with very different ones to avoid the concern.

The animation itself is done very well, although some scenes have more color saturation or better lighting than others. The songs are easy for kids to follow and the characters are very likeable. Even the Pharisaical birds are fun to watch.

My favorite character is Maggie (voice by Erin Bethea known for Fireproof), a Palestinian Sunbird. Her character and singing are entertaining, which will surely bring a smile to the kids watching each episode.

The series was first developed for television and may be a true contender in the video market – 2nd to Veggie Tales. If you want a new refreshing way to teach Jesus like stories to your children, then Iesodo is for you.


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