Yes, I’m A Starving Artist

Cj's Corner StoreA friend recently asked, “How are you doing?” My response was straightforward and honest, “Fine.” He then asked how I was really doing. It was in that moment I realized that our perceptions on what “fine” meant were very different.

Most of the artists I know are “fine” if they are out and about doing their art. They might very well be starving or at least scrapping a little money together for a piece of chicken and a slice of orange, but they’re feeling fine.

My friend is also struggling to survive and suffers because he has no outlet for his pain. He feels the same devastation as a starving artist, but without any form of expression that would make things feel better. It’s hard to feel content unless you are being who you were wired to be.

The conversation continued. He could tell I was broke and asked what he could do to help. Knowing his financial situation, I found the moment awkward at best. I wasn’t about to suggest anything that would take a dime away from his children. After all, we artists chose our path in life and will reap the consequences of that choice – Devastation or a great victory that comes with the release of a new piece of art.

A woman wondered if we artists are too prideful to ask for handouts. While there are some in the field who are in it for acclaim, most of us are in it because art pulses through our veins. We don’t seek fame, but we do hope everyone sees our work and understands it. We want them to embrace the emotions that we share through the art and trust it to guide them to another level in life.

I’ve met numerous people in the film industry and I can tell you who is into the art and who is just there for the fame. It’s very obvious, as true artists are humbled by their own efforts. In fact, by the time we get something produced for the masses, we’ve already grown past that point and can be disappointed in that work – Even when others may be praising it.

Art doesn’t stop from churning within us and it demands we pay attention or we’ll be noticeably out of sorts. My angriest years were those times when I didn’t have an outlet to express the passion that stirred within me.

That’s not to say that the quality we produce doesn’t impact our decisions. I’ve set up an ecommerce store with two of my products from years ago. These products were never released because my abilities had so greatly improved by the time the products were made that I couldn’t bring myself to release it. However, I need to pay the bills and I’m therefore in a position where I have to release it.

So, because I’m broke and some of you might want to help me stay afloat, you can go to the new CJ’s Corner Webstore and make a purchase. There is a limited quantity of product available and the chances are it will never be made available again in the future – A real collectors item.

The Audio CD was designed to be a lead in product for a children’s film series that never got financed and the DVD is a film I shot for Francine Locke to give her an edge at winning an award. The CD has all original stories that I wrote and narrated and the DVD was shot by students and won Best Actress and Best Story at festivals.

I appreciate you taking the time to visit my store. I also have several books available at other sites:

No Longer A Victim
Bloom-Covered Thorns
Notes from a Napkin

Thanks in advance for helping one of your favorite starving artists survive.

Copyright © 2014 by CJ Powers

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