Conversational Nightmares with Singles at Christmas

Every year I read and hear singles share about the conversational nightmares they experience during Christmas season.

One aunt said, “The holidays must be a blessing to you, especially not having to worry about whose family to spend Christmas with.”

An uncle said, “It’s really courageous of you to decorate and send Christmas cards, as if you had a family.”

A grandmother said, “Maybe you should stop matching up your friends and keep one for yourself.”

But my favorite one, because it speaks to the times, came out of the mouth of a concerned grandma last year. She said to her granddaughter, “Do you have a boyfriend?” The granddaughter responded with a simple, “No.” With that, the grandmother tilted her head, looked her in the eyes and asked, “Are you straight?”

If you find yourself next to a single this Christmas, just treat them like a normal person and tell them you’re glad they came because you were hoping to spend more time with them.

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