Last Week’s Efforts in Review

I’ve always wondered what would happen if I missed a day of blogging. Since Monday’s are typically some form of review, Wednesday’s are trade tips for up coming filmmakers and fans interested in behind the scenes, and Friday’s are usually a life story of some type, I wasn’t sure if anyone would miss a blog or even comment on its absence.

This past Friday was one of those days that I missed. I had been flooded with a lot of work and lots of meetings, which ate up my writing time. It made me realize why Hollywood folks tend to focus more tightly on their core business values and hire PR people. After all, the work still needs to get done. So, here are just a few of the things that kept me from writing my blog this past Friday.

Producer Anthony DeRosa

Anthony DeRosa

Last week started off simple enough. I was working with Anthony DeRosa of RTC Entertainment on a joint venture that we’re contemplating for the near future. We had to summarize our pitch for the attorney to take it to our contacts at Lionsgate and Sony. Knowing we only had one shot, we wrote and rewrote the pitch until it was compelling.

Bill Snider

Bill Snider

In the meantime, Bill Snider, the Director of the APMM, contacted me to see if I could bring my international screenwriters workshop to the Bermese people in Yangon, Myanmar. Bill has numerous feature films under his belt, which have all been produced overseas. For each feature, he teams with nationals and an award winning producer/director like Steve Cadd of Sword Productions. They work hand in hand helping the nationals tell their story, while raising their production quality far above the national standards. If schedules permit, I’ll be headed out to help the team write their script in July with lots of Skype follow up work.


Kurt David Anderson

I next had lunch with actor/producer Kurt David Anderson (Castle, Rules of Engagement, Outlaw) and writer Matthew Waynee (Unknown, Code Red). Kurt is a producer for Punching Bees Productions. He is currently developing one of Matthew’s screenplays into a feature with the intention of shooting in Chicago. This film will also be Matthew’s directorial debut, so I had a lot of fun chatting with him about the picture.

Matthew Waynee

Matthew Waynee

The hectic week even included numerous meetings with CEOs, who are helping me to structure my business for quick growth. We went over policies, transformation strategies, and how to create and implement a focused vision that drives our core values and workflows.

Add to this the branding work, screenplay development, investor meetings, and story development meetings I had…I was one busy guy. Oh, and that doesn’t count the negotiations I entered into for a novel I’d like to see made into a film, or the offer I got to co-write a book. Suffice it to say that my week was packed with a lot of fun and hard work – The way it should be.

So, now you know some of the things that kept me from last Friday’s blog – Not that I need an excuse, but I wasn’t sure if my readers understood the type of work that happened on a daily basis. Of course, the best part of filmmaking is that everything changes and this week will be filled with many new opportunities and surprises.

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