Jack Rolfe – Attic Construction Dublin, Ireland – Video Clip

Businessman, Jack Rolfe, joined the team traveling to Dublin, Ireland to help St. Mark’s Church build for its future growth. Jack funded his own way and used valuable vacation time to participate in the project.

Jack headed straight for the attic where he had worked ten years earlier on a previous mission trip. He knew the process and went right to work. He also knew the dangers, as the attic had no flooring. A single misstep on the edge of the ceiling joists might drop a person 30 feet to the sanctuary floor below.

Thanks to Jack and the rest of the team, the attic now has a complete floor that is safe for walking and storage. But, the painstaking work came with a price, as the team fought old insulation dust and slippery boards before the new flooring was built.

I stopped up to see the progress one afternoon and watched Jack’s boot slip across one of the joists. His feet went out from under him and he was headed downward. With quick thinking, he leaned back and spread himself out wide, crashing down onto nearby sheets of plywood – Avoiding a disastrous fall through the ceiling.

The good news is that there were no serious injuries on the trip and the attic team built a floor that covered the entire length and width of the building. Storage should no longer be a problem for the church. As for Jack, the minor incident was insignificant, as he was blessed beyond measure during the trip.

Jack Rolfe – Attic Construction in Dublin, Ireland from CJ Powers on Vimeo.

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