Day Eight — Ireland

Today was a light day of working on the projects followed by an afternoon on the golf course. The first hole teed off with a castle in the tree line and the ocean behind it. The weather was perfect and the guys a lot of laughs. My score was a bit off, due to me being distracted from the incredible and beautiful surroundings — I know, poor excuse.

This evening we had a project party closing off the construction and film. There were many sad faces saying goodbye to each new friend. A live band played American and Irish tunes. An award winning dancer presented several Irish dances. All was cupeled with jokes, singing and the handing out of gifts.

This is my last entry from Ireland and I noticed that the later at night I wrote, the less detail I shared. Maybe I’ll write a highlights article down the road, when I’m a little more awake. Or, I’ll cut together a highlight video so you can see some of what I’ve shared. But for now, I’m signing out from Ireland.

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