Day Seven — Ireland

The workload today was slowed due to a lack of materials, so I took time to see the Book of Kells across the street at Trinity college. The pages were incredibly well written and the coloring amazing. It was written in circa 800, or earlier, by Celtic Monks and it includes the four Gospels.

Some took time to venture into the crypt at the church, which about 250 years ago would be the recipient of dead bodies being thrown over the gates during the plague. The bodies were then buried by the church in it’s yard and the crypt. It took two of us to open it.

This afternoon I met actress Jenny Belles, who was able to speak in a dozen different dialects. She’s been on television and stage. Our conversation led to us discussing the possibility of her being the on screen talent of the European version of my Internet family entertainment magazine currently in development.

Tonight, the local police caught the thief who stole my friend Patrick’s backpack and computer. We learned of the great news after our team watched my daughter perform Irish dancing on stage at the Arlington Hotel. Carolyn had been selected by the manager to join the dancers on stage and she did a great job.