Day One – Ireland

The flight was without incident and we had little turbulence. I met several new friends including Allen Ford from Memphis, TN. Allen works for Ford and his job moved his family from Chicago, to Dallas, and then to Memphis. We met while “exercising” in one of the galley-ways.

He couldn’t help but notice that we had a large group of fifty people on board and shared his curiosity to learn more. Allen’s response was similar to those in Ireland who found it amazing that a group of people would spend their holidays helping others who they haven’t met. I suppose it does sound odd, especially when each person has to cover their own flight and food costs.

However, I find it a great way to demonstrate unconditional love to others. It is also a great way to demonstrate the same grace that we have all received. It is that special grace that no one can earn or deserve. In fact, there is nothing like being the recipient of such an amazing gift.

We arrived in Ireland a little after 7:30 am and immediately pitched our luggage into a temporary location so we could begin construction. My first duty was climbing high up in the rafters and balancing on the ceiling beams while building a floor for storage. Being located in an attic, it was very hot and extremely dirty – Not to mention dangerous as there was a thirty foot drop if my foot slipped off the side of the 2X6s we were balancing on.

I also met author Denise Kennedy who wrote the book, “I Wish I Were…” We had some great laughs as she showed me around the nearby segment of town where we bought some Pepsi for one of the volunteers that was having withdrawals. Denise was a good storyteller and shared a few anecdotes about her last visit to Chicago.

Marty Rizzo also shared a few of his personal experiences as a beauty consultant/Hair stylist. Marty has been pulled into court several times as an expert beauty technician to support both the plaintiff and defendants. He has worked side by side with numerous experts in the motion picture industry including Maurice Stein who won an Oscar for make up artistry with Planet of the Apes.

I’d love to share more, but since we’ve been awake for 33 hours straight, I’ll save more for another entry. Goodnight.

One thought on “Day One – Ireland

  1. Sounds like the trip is off to a wonderful start! We’re praying for all of you. Tell Evan hi for me 🙂
    Annaliese G

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