Green Fire: Revival at St. Marks in Dublin

Ireland’s financial crisis is bearing down hard on its population. The Dublin region was hit the hardest by rising unemployment last month, according to figures published by the Central Statistics Office. Yet, in the middle of this crisis, people are finding a new strength and hope at St. Marks Church.

Several ministries are joining forces with the small church to lend a helping hand in the area. But why at St. Marks? The movement around this 250 plus year old church seems atypical and even profound. There seems to be no logical reason at first glance, except for the comments I’ve heard about revival.

People want the truth about unprecedented events like those happening at St. Marks Church. In an age when authenticity is held in high regard, it is important for us to know that the miracles bringing hope every week are real. To that end, I’m shooting a documentary to capture the facts and expressions of hope in a crisis-ridden region.

Documentary costs are seldom recouped and I need your help to capture the truth about this new spiritual fire burning in Ireland. My flight leaves on July 11th, so I need to raise funds by the end of this month. If you can help, please check out my fundraising sight to learn more about the project and thank you gifts available.

Please go to Green Fire: Revival at St. Marks in Dublin

Thank you in advance for any financial help you can provide. If the project is over funded, the additional funds will be donated to the ministries doing the expansion construction work to make room for the rapidly growing church.