Don’t Text Your Girlfriend/Wife

This week was filled with women instructing me on my love life and the number one comment was to never text a woman you want a relationship with. NEVER!

Being a guy, my first thought considered what exceptions existed. Voicing my curiosity gave way to the women getting on their soapbox and filling my ears with more intense soprano voice than I anticipated. The passion behind the words was strong and I must say that I will probably avoid texting any woman for years to come.

Even the exceptions I learned about caused me to take pause and lock into my mind that exceptions are rare and may not be accepted or received depending on the state of the woman’s mind at the time. So, why rock the boat or give a foothold to future failure?

One example I broached was the common scenario of a boss delaying your departure by pulling you into a meeting that will certainly wreak havoc on your relationship unless you inform her of your delay. Clearly she would be expecting a phone call, but circumstances won’t allow you to step out of the room, so you lower your cell phone below the edge of the table and text your disappointment in losing a precious half hour of time with her.

I would hope that a girlfriend or wife would appreciate the dilemma and be thankful for the heads up, but the women told me something a little different. They shared how their relationship with their man is not an extension of work or the world of email and texting, but an intimate soul bearing relationship that is far more valuable and needs to be treated as such.

I was also informed that the woman would speculate or presume if her man was showing kindness in giving her a heads up or if he was sheepishly hiding behind the text message because he didn’t want her to know he wasn’t able to man up and tell his boss he needed to make a phone call before the meeting began.

Oh, and the women told me that once she decided on a scenario that worked in her mind, everything she did and thought about for the rest of the night would be based on her perception. She would either make you feel like a king for having given her a thoughtful heads up or like a dog headed for the doghouse.

I understand that some women would certainly make that presumptuous call, but what gave me pause was that every woman responded in about the same way. It didn’t matter her level of intelligence or beauty, they all responded with the same type of comment – As if they attended a class together on how and when to put their man in a doghouse.

After this bizarre series of experiences this week, I have to admit that I don’t have the guts to ever again text a woman that I want a relationship with, without some sever wincing as I proceed. I’ll be looking over my shoulder every time I text.

And, don’t let your girlfriend or wife fool you. After reading this article they are sure to suggest that they are not this way and share that you are always welcome to text them with sweet words of encouragement or updates if there is no other means of communication available. But, beware that this thinking is from the mindset that you would ONLY be doing it if there were no other forms of communication available. The moment she decides you’re doing it to wimp out of facing up to a situation, well, just keep an extra pillow in the doghouse.

Let me know if you’ve had a similar experience. I’d love to hear true stories about romance and texting.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Text Your Girlfriend/Wife

  1. I must admit, I never have understood the fetishes of women. My husband and I text all the time! It’s the perfectly logical thing to do. Why make him call when he could just send me an unobtrusive text? And vice versa?

    Then again, neither of us has ever been normal…

    • Mutual decisions by the couple trumps any advice I’ve received, especially if the couple creates a shorthand that has depth of meaning that no one else understands.

  2. i may have actually been one of the women on a soapbox…but, in some cases a texting is both logical and a sign of the times… however, there is no replacement for a phone call hearing the voice of the man you have interest in and moreover, getting the sense that he wants to hear your voice…. the more sophisticated the technology, the less intimate the connection (in my humble view)… 😉

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