The Scrappy Storyteller

IMG_0172bI’ve met hundreds of storytellers in my life and found that few understand how to conform their abilities to a marketable style. I’m not talking about a niche genre, but an actual style that incorporates the core essence of who a person is that includes their creative methods and delivery.

The Scrappy Storyteller is a great example. Lisa is a storyteller, artist, and Steampunker. Everything she does demonstrates those core elements regularly. In fact, her love for using her hands to patch things together seems to be integral to her projects.

Yesterday I received a presale copy of her new comic book. It’s a mystery that features Alethia Grey from Milwaukee during the late 1890s. This sci-fi steampunk novella is fun and a quick read. But Lisa’s entertainment value goes beyond the story. The graphic novel is published on high quality paper with a durable glossy cover in keeping with the era’s desire for things to last.

To support her super fans, she offered special gifts for all who purchased the book during her presale period. Appropriate for her style, Lisa patched the items together by hand. The pieces were clearly in true steampunk fashion and reflected a creative heart and loving spirit that was befitting of the artist’s core essence.

IMG_0171bMy gifts came in a handmade bag. A personal handwritten thank you card was included. The cover of the card proudly displayed her DIY artwork. Inside the bag was the comic book, a decorative pin, art made on a stretched canvas, and a small card reminding me of her other product. Her slogan read: handmade tales told a piece at a time.

For anyone who has followed Lisa or gotten to know her in person, it’s clear that she lives story. But, not from a glitzy Hollywood type mentality. Instead she takes personal care in creating homespun stories that she pieces together as she shares it.

Aurelia was one such project. She was the creator and showrunner for an elaborate live production where fans played characters in her Internet story. Lisa was able to carefully craft her story to include all the elements fans added. The nationwide team created entries that were written, recorded as audio only and produced on video.

Lisa has a rare talent that allows her first impressions to ring true in the souls of her fans. She is gifted with words, has a great eye for style, and the ability to turn discarded items into art. But what makes her really unique is that everything she does easily fits the expressions pouring from her heart. I call that unique combination integrity of art.

Artists no longer need to find themselves or their style. Instead, they need to look inward and learn who they are. Once they understand their core self, they can filter all their art through the style that rises from within. Lisa has accomplished this very thing and helps others to follow in creating continuity within their businesses and super hobbies.

Lisa can be found through her steampunk blog at or for those wanting to create integrity within their art can find her business at

© 2016 by CJ Powers