Pro-Lifers Gift Abortionists through Bad Communication

scales of justice_gavelThe courts ruling on the Texas case yesterday was a huge win for abortionists. It was such a big win that the news anchor I watched no longer used the words “Pro-Choice”, but “Abortionists.” The goal of the Pro-Lifers was to attach so many medical regulations to abortion clinics that most would be forced to close down for lack of funds. This naturally backfired and made a woman’s access more important than the quality of her surrounding medical standards.

Pro-Lifers were winning the battle in the days when the argument was about killing unborn babies. Once the argument shifted to protecting the mother’s right to determine what surgeries she will or will not have, Pro-Lifers lost the battle. The only way they could win the battle is to shift the focus back to the babies. But instead, their strategy was to limit a woman’s access to abortion clinics, which is now illegal.

In an earlier blog, I suggested that Pro-Lifers should stop their wrong messages and not go back to battle until they know what and how to communicate a winning message. Some people were upset at me for suggesting that the activists should stop and reflect. They didn’t understand that wrong messages or bad communication could bring about a more solidified win for their opponents, which happened yesterday.

Had Pro-Lifers taken time to rethink their position of fighting for women, and instead fight for babies, they would have noticed a growing vegan movement. Social media is slowly increasing the visibility of Vegans fighting on behalf of animals who can’t defend themselves. Their campaign is about protecting anything with a heart.

This growing movement demonstrates the importance of knowing what battle to fight and with what message it should be fought. If you’re trying to protect the heart of the unborn then the battle must be about the heart of the unborn. The message should not be about the woman’s right to give it birth or not.

Pro-Lifers aren’t the only group sending bad communication. Christian films do the very same thing, while Marvel’s Captain America sends a clear, positive message about truth, morals and the conservative way of life.

I’ve never found a Christian producer who will tell me why he proudly sends the wrong message in film after film. Nor can I find a person with funds that is willing to invest in a moral film with the right message, as they are too busy supporting Christian films that use bad communications.

To send the right message, we first must know the argument at hand. If it’s a circular argument, it is not a battle that can be won. But if the logic is sound, just off a bit or twisted, then a properly positioned message can correct its course. It’s not rocket science, yet professional communicators seem to be so set on their vision that they can’t adjust based on market perception.

It’s no wonder there is so much noise in our society today – Too many well-meaning people chasing after political rhetoric. Let’s focus on what is truly important and learn how to communicate it today.

Copyright © 2016 by CJ Powers